Fantasy vs Reality

Recently, I came across an article written in the Montreal Escort Review Board claiming that even though many agencies are offering an outstanding service with the most beautiful of ladies, many gentlemen purchasing such services are disappointed by the low-quality ladies who show up at their door to entertain them. Many gentlemen are also under the impression that the more an agency is charging, the better service they will receive and the prettier their companion will be. Their main concern: how to select the agency who will truly deliver what they are advertising; an exceptional service with a high-class Montreal escorts who is both charming and skilled in what she does.

Here are a few tips that will help you make the best selection for yourself:

  1. Avoid agencies advertising a cancellation fee on their webpage. If the agency mentions a fee for cancelling, it means that they are not confident that the lady they send you will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. These agencies often have ladies who are below average and make their money mainly on collecting a fee when you refuse their lady at the door.
  2. Agencies who advertise a starting rate for their ladies are another thing to avoid. These agencies will send you the same lady whether you select a high priced one or not. Truly professional escorts will not be employed at an agency who advertises them in this manner. You are better off selecting an agency who classifies all their ladies at the same rate.
  3. Agencies often advertise themselves as Rated #1 in the city or claim to have years of experience. Rather than take their word for it, do a little bit of research. Check their “Whois” Record by typing in their web address into the search engine, and you’ll know if the agency’s claims are true or false.
  4. When calling the agency, make sure to ask as many questions about their ladies as you can. Be vigilant of the responses you receive from the booker, and keep in mind that lower class agencies are only concerned in convincing you to book one of their ladies. If the booker answers all of your questions with affirmatives or is unable to give you more than vague descriptions due to a lack of knowledge, chances are that the lady you receive at your door will not be what you hoped for. Bookers who provide you with full information and are interested in finding out what you want most are those who care about their clients and want to provide you with a fulfilling experience.
  5. Never settle for a lady who arrives at your door and does not meet your needs. Do not be afraid to refuse her, do not pay her any money and do not be intimidated into providing her with a cancellation fee. If she is not what you wanted, then your time was wasted and you should feel no obligation to the agency whatsoever. It is much more worth your time to go back online and call another agency.

Follow these tips and they will surely lead you to a reputable agency with high class ladies that will meet your needs. It will save you not only your hard-earned money, but your valuable time as well.

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