Escorts vs Prostitutes

Often, people confuse the terms escort and prostitute due to a lack of true understanding of their meanings. In some sense and by some definitions, they are not so different; but ultimately, escorts provide a higher quality form of entertainment and can be hired for various purposes that prostitutes are not.

By definition, a prostitute is a person, generally a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. As it is understood, a prostitute only provides sexual services and is paid directly for services rendered by their client. In opposition, an escort is someone, also often a woman, who may be hired as accompaniment to a social event or for entertainment purposes.

The terms are often confused because, depending on the escort, they do offer sexual services in exchange for monetary payment as well. What is more, escorts are legally permitted to work here in Montreal, whereas prostitution is considered illegal throughout Canada. Escorts are usually hired for bachelor parties or out to dinner events where sex is not necessarily part of the deal. Also, escorts are considered to be of higher class and charge more for their services than prostitutes due to their professionalism, sexy and glamorous looks, as well as charming conversation abilities.

What is more, escorts are often hired through a reputable agency, whereas prostitutes can be hired right off the street or through Montreal Backpage ads posted online. This speaks volumes in an escort’s elitism and tells clients that they are held to a higher standard than independent prostitute services, and are more likely to be safe and clean than those who work in the prostitution trade. Moreover, clients are able to select the escort of their choice through an agency, whereas the choices are much more limited when approaching a prostitute advertising herself on the streets of Montreal.

Thus, there are numerous differences between an escort and a prostitute, and though the terms are loosely used when referring to both, it is now made clear that there is a distinction between them.

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