Escort services: Eyes on the Clock

You’ve done your research, you’ve made your choice of both agency and lady, and now you’re sitting around waiting for her to show up at your door. Many gentlemen spend the time it takes for their companion to arrive worrying about trivial things, such as primping themselves for her arrival, wondering if the lady will like them or worrying about their performance between the sheets.

As an escort, I encounter this situation more times than I can tell. It is amusing, as an escort, to have my clients try their utmost best to impress me, when in truth, I feel like I’m the one under pressure to meet their standards. I must dress well, make sure that I’m clean, brush out my hair, wear killer high heels and flash my most charming smile when the door opens for me. After I pass the initial phase of not being refused at the door, I am then expected to meet my client’s expectations or fulfill his fantasy, all the while maintaining the image of a young, energetic and seductive lady who’s only aim is to please.

After speaking with many clients about their own nerves concerning their performance and appeal, I’ve come to realize that pressure lies on both sides. So, for you gentlemen reading this article, I hope I can assure you that you need not feel pressured to give an outstanding performance, nor must you worry about dressing up or impressing an escort services. However, I realize that we are only human, and these reactions are not always something to be controlled. As such, you can rest assured in the fact that you are not the only one who feels pressure in this situation. Even though the escort who arrives at your door has much experience and has seen all sorts of clientele, she is never sure what she will encounter when the door opens and who will be behind it, and whether or not they will be satisfied with her.

One way to make it easier for the both of you is to reassure your companion that she does not need to wow you in the most spectacular of manners, and that even though you expect an excellent service as you were promised, you also realize that she is not a star in a porn video. Allowing a small bit of pressure to be taken off of her shoulders will go a long way in her warming up to you and helping you calm your own nerves as well.

This way, the time you spend with the lady of your choice is much more enjoyable, and not simply an act on both sides made to satisfy the other in an allusion of what “should” or “should not” be. You want to enjoy your time with your companion, not spend the entire hour(s) worrying about whether or not she really likes you or is pretending. Take it from a professional, the best times I’ve had with clients are those where we’ve opened up and talked a bit about ourselves, and just laid our acts to rest and enjoyed one another’s company as ourselves.

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