A Personal Favorite: Bachelor Parties

In my experience working as a escort girl montreal, I’ve come to realize what to expect when walking into a call. The things I enjoy, the things I don’t enjoy as much, and the things I absolutely dislike. After six months working in this industry, I can say with utmost confidence that my absolute favorite type of call is a bachelor party.

These are my reasons why bachelor parties are the most fun to entertain:

  1. 1. The feeling of having the eyes of several men following my every move, and enchanting them under my spell of seductive body movements and intense gaze. There is nothing more empowering than being the center of attention in a room full of men knowing that I am the sole focus of their desire in that moment. It is something that I look forward to each and every time and hope for in the future.
  2. Spanking the bachelor. One of the most exciting moments for me at a bachelor party is the beginning, when the men all gather round excited for the show, and my ladies and I pull the bachelor down on the floor with us, and ready him for a little bit of pain before his pleasure. His friends are endlessly amused and entertained with each smack of the leather belt of the bachelor’s behind, and the ability to hold the whole room’s attention and delight in the palms of my hands.
  3. Mingling with the group and listening to their tales of wonder about their friendship and how far back some of them go. It’s always a pleasure to hear about the far-off places they come from, travelling all the way to Montreal for a weekend of fun and advising them on the best places in town to have a night out.
  4. Stripping my clothes off slowly and seductively is always one of the greatest parts of the night. The excitement in the room rises, the tension in air grows as each piece of clothing comes and hits the floor. The best is having the bachelor help in removing my clothing, and seeing the reactions of his friends as they wish they could be in his position helping me to undress.
  5. The easy-going, non-pressured nature of bachelor parties. The gentlemen are all there to have a great time, and simply my presence and personality helps to assure that they do. There’s no pressure to perform or expectations to exceed, I just have to be myself and let my outgoing nature come out and shine, allowing me to wipe the floor with the men in the room and make sure they have an experience they’ll never forget.

These are some of my favorite things about entertaining as an escort at bachelor parties. They are the crème-de-la-crème and give me the opportunity to let my great personality shine and feel empowered by the effect that I have on the men present in the room. I hope that you gentlemen reading this article will be reassured and excited at having me and my ladies star at

your bachelor party here in Montreal. It will truly be a memorable experience not only for you, but for me as well.

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